Sox skipper search stumped?

Dan Shaughnessy's blathering on about the Sox search for a new manager being in chaos. This is the kind of stuff Shank eats up. But is the search in chaos? Read More

The Pats loss and more serious things–like baseball

Dan Shaughnessy says that yesterday’s Pats loss to the Jets ranks alongside the Pats loss in the Super Bowl a few years ago and the Sox loss to the Yankees in 2003. But ol’ Shank has it wrong. This is, as Bill Maher might say, a false equivalency...

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It’s all about the pitching

Pitching it is all about.I’m sitting at my keyboard listening to the Yankees shellac the Red Sox (it’s 9-2 now), so it got me thinking about pitching.

Josh Beckett was steady until the top of the 6th inning. That’s usually what does in a pitcher. The big inning. It certainly did Beckett in tonight.

With Dice-K, it’s often...

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The next captain of the Red Sox

This is the best quote I’ve heard in a while (from future Sox captain Dustin Pedroia about David Ortiz):

“David’s fine. He’s one of our teammates. We believe in him.

He’s going to come out of it. He’s had 60 at-bats. A couple of years ago I had 60 at-bats and it was me hitting ...

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Vin Scully says so long to Ernie Harwell

This is a beautiful eulogy that the great Vin Scully gave about Detroit legend Ernie Harwell, even as he called the balls and strikes in the Dodger game last night.

Here’s the text:

I have a problem and I hope you will understand and bear with me.

One of the finest men we have ever met and a great ...

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Dave Roberts has lymphoma

Dave makes the steal.
Dave Roberts, the reason why the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004–even without getting a hit–has lymphoma. But, according to AP, he has a good prognosis.

“I expect to beat this fully,” the AP reported Roberts telling journalists during a conference call Monday.

Dave Roberts beats the throw to second base
It’s hard to doubt Dave, who br...

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Red Sox Spring Training Day 4

The final (photos) installment from my Spring Training trip this year…will try to get some additional video up soon.  Click on Heidi to see the set.  The good weather continued for our final day in the Fort.  Again, it’s a bit early for much in the way of news...

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Spring Training 2010 Day 3

More photos from Day 3 of the trip (click the photo to see the entire set on flickr), this time from the *gack* defending world champion New York Yankees’ trip to Hammond Stadium to play the Twins.  It was a beautiful day, finally seasonably warm after an extended cold snap (for Florida)...

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Thanks, Nomar

NomarWhen I learned Nomar was signing a one-day contract with the Sox so he could retire as a Sox player, I was suddenly flooded with great memories.

Remember his 30th birthday on July 23rd, 2002, when he hit 3 home runs against Tampa? That’s a highlight for me...

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Report from the Fort Update

Back in Boston after an abbreviated (and earlier than usual) trip this year down to Spring Training. During the trip I was hit by a pretty nasty stomach virus, but didn’t miss a game...

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