A-Rod Leaves Credibility In The Rearview Mirror

"Watch me lie, lie, and then lie some more."

"Watch me lie, lie, and then lie some more."

Ground rules of the press conference: no follow-up questions. Translation: A-Rod may deflect your questions with whatever variant of “that’s not relevant”, “I’m not here to talk about the past”, “I don’t remember”, or I haven’t really thought about that.” The last of those was his reply to question #1, namely: “Had you not been caught, Alex, would you have come forward about your use of these substances of your own volition?” He also thinks the system for testing that MLB has in place today is “great”. Being young and curious are apparently the only two requirements to avoid accountability for anything. Unbelievable.


"I don't think that's really relevant to this issue".

Basically, I’ll never believe any words uttered by this man ever again, including the time of day.